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19th February

Day 3


The Island
of Gozo

On the third day a trip was organised to Gozo, the second largest of the Maltese islands (after the island of Malta) in the Mediterranean Sea,  also known as the “Island of the Three Hills” for its numerous conical knolls, which resemble extinct volcanoes.

Gozo is not only hillier but also greener than the island of Malta. Its principal town, Victoria, also called Rabat, stands near the middle of the island on one of a cluster of steep hills in an intensively cultivated area.  

Considered to be more fertile than Malta, Gozo depends heavily on agriculture, producing fruit, vegetables, grapes, and dairy products. Fishing is also important, and there is a cottage lace industry, but tourism is fast becoming the most important economic activity.

Gozo is held to be the island of Ogy’gia, in Greek legend, where the sea nymph Calypso entertained Odysseus 

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