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Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event 


Workshop and Presentations


How to improve School Mediation

Mrs. Palma Matarrese, a counsellor and mediator expert, gave a really interesting presentation about the art of listening and active/passive listening. She focused on the importance of recognizing emotions and needs, of exchanging views, of establishing relationships and of mediating among peers. 

She also proposed a workshop for the teachers (“The art of listening”) who were divided into couples: A talked to B about his/her problem for one minute and B listened without speaking. Then they swipe their role.

It was highlighted that keeping  silence helps think and overcome superficial judgment, the point of view changes, people put themselves in someone else's shoes, they use empathy. Valid listening and welcoming silence, as active listening, express empathy and acceptance. the mediator has to calm the person down, to listen actively introducing “Are you feeling…” or “Are you…”? 

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