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Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event 


Trip to Hydra

On June 18th a cultural visit of the island of Hydra was organised.

Hydra is part of the Saronic Islands and it is near Athens. It just takes two hours to get there by ferry from Piraeus.

It consists of a crescent-shaped harbor, around which is centered a strand of restaurants, shops, markets, and galleries that cater to tourists and locals (Hydriots). Steep stone streets lead up and outward from the harbor area.  There are no cars or motor vehicles on the island, apart from garbage trucks and ambulances. The main method of transportation here are mules and donkeys, as well as the water taxis.

Its rustic beauty has attracted world-famous musicians like Leonard Cohen, celebrities like Sophia Loren, and travelers of all kinds who seek inspiration and never end up leaving.

In the 18th century Hydra was  prosperous because of its commercial fleet which traded to countries like Spain, France, and America. During the Napoleonic wars  the Hydriots supplied France and Spain with food by breaking through the English blockades.

They also played a significant role in the 1821 War of Independence as they gave ships and resources to fight against the Ottoman Empire. Their fleets were powerful and took part in crucial sea battles.

Today, it prospers thanks to tourism and is a  destination for beauty lovers.

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